1. What do you mean by points? How do i earn it?

Every time when you answer the question we make note of the time and how many times you share our questions on your social media and how good responses we receive from your contribution. Based on that we have a scoring system which will be published to the participants in a frequent interval.

2. How do I get my Gifts?

Once after finalizing the winner we will be given you gift vouchers. ( Example : Amazon Gift voucher) witth that one can shop online.

3. Why should I answer the poll?

The users are not forced to answer the poll, this is just a game for the audience to participate and win prizes. We have designed the game like a poll to engage our users.

4. When will I get my gifts?

Once after finalizing the winner we will try to send the gift vouchers to the winner within 15 working days either by mail or postal.

5. How many questions I should I answer?

The participant needs to answer all the questions asked per day. As we want our users to answer all our simple questions.

6. Can I skip some one or two day’s poll?

Yes, one can skip any number of questions or any number of days but the chance of winning will be less if the participant misses the poll.

7. Why should give my email id?

The user gives the email id as we need to have a track of the users answers and incase of winning we need the emailed to contact the users.

8. How can I win prizes?

The user or the participant can win prizes by participating in the poll or by sharing and promoting our website to the maximum. The highest number of user who has participated will be given the prize.

9. What is the maximum amount I can win?

Each contest will include a serial of questions related to several fields and a defined duration. Each contest will show the prices to be given in the ranking page.

10. How does Ranking work?

All participants will have same chances to win, it will be a matter of speed. According to speed of answering and numbers of questions solved you will be assigned a punctuation and your evolution will be shown in this ranking page. According to your position among all participants you will be eligible to receive definined prize.

11. In what all social media I can share?

As of now we allow the users to share in Facebook and Twitter in future we might add few more.

12. Can I login using my social media credentials?

Yes, you can login using social media credentials (Facebook & Twitter).

13. Will the final results be published?

Yes, the final results will be published also day today top lists will also be published. So, that participant will be aware of their rankings.

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